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Robert Dilts – From Coach to Awakener – Review

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Robert Dilts – From Coach to Awakener

From Coach to Awakener - front page

Some time ago I decided I need to learn a few coaching methods in detail. I knew the principles and all the “why-s”. I was familiar with the general approach, I studied many scripts of coaching sessions conducted by the professionals. All I was missing was the very specific tool set and procedures.

To get some advice I asked my friend, ICC coach, Agatha to recommend me a book from which I could get the information. “Yes, there’s one you would love” – she said – ” Get yourself <<From Coach to Awakener>> by Dilts.

And that was a hundred percent accurate advice. I’ve read the entire book in just five hours and I knew that I would read it again many times.
The first thing that catches your eye while skimming through the table of contents is the word “toolbox” repeated over and over again. In a few words
it’s the real toolbox of a serious life coach and it’s just packed with practice.

Robert Dilts built the whole book on a structure of logical levels of the human neurology. (I’d call it rather the levels of the human personality; more to come!). The logical levels concept is a jewel in itself. I feel I’ll blog about it many times, because the longer I think about the idea, the more possible applications I can find. On each level a person could be coached with a different style of interactions, with a different set of tools and to achieve different goals. Starting from the lowest level the coach should become: a guide (on the environment level), a behavioural coach (on the level of behaviours), a teacher (capabilities), a mentor (on the level of beliefs), a sponsor (on the level of identity), an awakener (on the spiritual level). Dilts gives a preferred approach and a full toolbox for each of those levels.

This coaching handbook is definitely a must for a person interested in coaching skills. You do not need to be a professional coach to use it; if you’re a manager, a trainer or you just want to make progress in personal development – get yourself a copy (click here).